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Workshops, like a good old friend helping you tackle complex technology challenges. Innovation is a journey, not an act. πŸ€“ ✨

Chris Bradshaw

True innovation is more than just creating something new. It’s about utilising creativity and collaboration to build a positive culture and achieve positive outcomes in the world. 🌍

Fun times talking to Nathy RavezΒ to emphasise the importance of how specialist facilitators and workshoppers can be the guide to helping companies foster a culture of innovation and get things done at speed. Think how Gandalf, Yoda, and even Mr. Miyagi are never the heroes, but instead help lead heroes to victory. A great facilitator helps you and your team be the heroes of your story and guides you around risk and towards success. πŸš€

On the podcast, I talk about an innovation process I’m working on to provide a step-by-step guide for companies to follow and facilitators to action, unlock people’s creativity, collaborate effectively, and address challenges in a structured manner. This approach undoubtedly contributes to a more fun, collaborative, and productive innovation experience. πŸ’‘

I’d highly recommend giving the “There’s A Workshop For That!” pod a quick follow if you work on building new ideas, companies, or technologies or just to inject a better collaborative experience inside your business. πŸ™Œ